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PDFWAC 173-401-635

Temporary sources.

The permitting authority may issue a single permit authorizing emissions from similar operations by the same source owner or operator at multiple temporary locations. The operation must be temporary and involve at least one change of location during the term of the permit. No affected source shall be permitted as a temporary source. Permits for temporary sources shall include the following:
(1) Conditions that will assure compliance with all applicable requirements at all authorized locations;
(2) Requirements that the owner or operator notify the permitting authority at least ten days in advance of each change in location; and
(3) Conditions that assure compliance with all other provisions in WAC 173-401-600 through 173-401-650.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.94 RCW. WSR 93-20-075 (Order 91-68), ยง 173-401-635, filed 10/4/93, effective 11/4/93.]
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