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PDFWAC 173-400-750

Revisions to PSD permits.

(1) The owner or operator may request, at any time, a change in conditions of a PSD permit and ecology may approve the request provided ecology finds that:
(a) The change in conditions will not cause the source to exceed an emissions standard established by regulation;
(b) No ambient air quality standard or PSD increment will be exceeded as a result of the change;
(c) The change will not adversely impact the ability of ecology or the authority to determine compliance with an emissions standard;
(d) The revised PSD permit will continue to require BACT for each new or modified emission unit approved by the original PSD permit; and
(e) The revised PSD permit continues to meet the requirements of WAC 173-400-800 through 173-400-860, and 173-400-113, as applicable.
(2) A request to revise a PSD permit must be acted upon using the timelines found in WAC 173-400-730. The fee schedule found in chapter 173-455 WAC also applies.
(3) All revisions to PSD permits are subject to public involvement except for the following administrative revisions:
(a) Change of the owner or operator's business name and/or mailing address;
(b) Corrections to typographical errors;
(c) Revisions to compliance monitoring methods that provide for more frequent monitoring, replace a periodic monitoring requirement with a continuous monitoring, result in replacement of a manual emission testing method with an instrumental method, or other similar changes that based on ecology's technical evaluation of the proposal, do not reduce the ability of the permittee, the public, the permitting authority, EPA, or ecology to determine compliance with the emission limitations;
(d) Revisions to reporting requirements contained in a PSD permit to coordinate reporting with reporting requirements contained in the air operating permit issued to the source or that result in more frequent reporting by the permittee; or
(e) Any other revision, similar to those listed above, that based on ecology's technical evaluation of the proposal, does not reduce the stringency of the emission limitations in the PSD permit or the ability of ecology, the permitting authority, EPA, or the public to determine compliance with the approval conditions in the PSD permit.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.94 RCW. WSR 12-24-027 (Order 11-10), § 173-400-750, filed 11/28/12, effective 12/29/12; WSR 11-06-060 (Order 09-01), § 173-400-750, filed 3/1/11, effective 4/1/11. Statutory Authority: RCW 70.94.152. WSR 05-03-033 (Order 03-07), § 173-400-750, filed 1/10/05, effective 2/10/05.]
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