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PDFWAC 173-400-116

Increment protection.

This section takes effect on the effective date of EPA's incorporation of this section into the Washington state implementation plan.
(1) Ecology will periodically review increment consumption. Within sixty days of the time that information becomes available to ecology that an applicable increment is or may be violated, ecology will review the state implementation plan for its adequacy to protect the increment from being exceeded. The plan will be revised to correct any inadequacies identified or to correct the increment violation. Any changes to the state implementation plan resulting from the review will be subject to public involvement in accordance with WAC 173-400-171 and EPA approval.
(2) PSD increments are published in 40 C.F.R. 52.21(c) (in effect on the date in WAC 173-400-025).
(3) Exclusions from increment consumption. The following concentrations are excluded when determining increment consumption:
(a) Concentrations of particulate matter, PM-10, or PM-2.5, attributable to the increase in emissions from construction or other temporary emission-related activities of new or modified sources;
(b) The increase in concentrations attributable to new sources outside the United States over the concentrations attributable to existing sources which are included in the baseline concentration; and
(c) Concentrations attributable to the temporary increase in emissions of sulfur dioxide, particulate matter, or nitrogen oxides from stationary sources, which are affected by a revision to the SIP approved by EPA. Such a revision must:
(i) Specify the time over which the temporary emissions increase of sulfur dioxide, particulate matter, or nitrogen oxides would occur. Such time is not to exceed two years in duration unless a longer time is approved by EPA.
(ii) Specify that the time period for excluding certain contributions in accordance with (c)(i) of this subsection is not renewable;
(iii) Allow no emissions increase from a stationary source, which would:
(A) Impact a Class I area or an area where an applicable increment is known to be violated; or
(B) Cause or contribute to the violation of a national ambient air quality standard.
(iv) Require limitations to be in effect by the end of the time period specified in accordance with (c)(i) of this subsection, which would ensure that the emissions levels from stationary sources affected by the plan revision would not exceed those levels occurring from such sources before the plan revision was approved.
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