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PDFWAC 173-334-040

What definitions apply to terms used in this chapter?

"Chemical Abstracts Service number" or "CAS" means the number assigned for identification of a particular chemical by the Chemical Abstracts Service, a service of the American Chemical Society that indexes and compiles abstracts of worldwide chemical literature called Chemical Abstracts.
"CHCC list" means the reporting list of chemicals that the department has identified as high priority chemicals of high concern for children.
"Child" means an individual under twelve.
"Children's product" has the same meaning as defined in RCW 70.240.010.
(a) For the purposes of this rule, children's products only include products that are sold, or are to be offered for sale, to consumers in the state of Washington.
(b) In addition to the exemptions specified in RCW 70.240.010, for the purposes of this rule, "children's product" does not include over the counter drugs, prescription drugs, food, dietary supplements, packaging, medical devices, or products that are both a cosmetic and a drug regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.
(c) A product label that includes usage instructions for use of a product that apply to children does not in and of itself establish that the product is a children's product.
"Contaminant" means trace amounts of chemicals that are incidental to manufacturing. They serve no intended function in the product component. They can include, but are not limited to, unintended by-products of chemical reactions during the manufacture of the product component, trace impurities in feed-stock, incompletely reacted chemical mixtures, and degradation products.
"De minimis level" means for a chemical that is an intentionally added chemical, a concentration below the practical quantification limit; or for a chemical that is a contaminant, a concentration below 100 parts per million.
"Department of health" means the Washington state department of health.
"Intentionally added chemical" means a chemical in a product that serves an intended function in the product component.
"Internal component" means a children's product component that during reasonably foreseeable use and abuse of the product would not come into direct contact with the child's skin or mouth.
"Manufacturer" means the producer, importer, or wholesale domestic distributor of a children's product and is more specifically defined in RCW 70.240.010. For the purposes of this rule, a retailer of a children's product is not a manufacturer unless it is also the producer, manufacturer, importer, or domestic distributor of the product.
"Mouthable" means able to be brought to the mouth and kept in the mouth by a child so that it can be sucked and chewed. If the product can only be licked, it is not able to be placed in the mouth. If a product or part of a product in one dimension is smaller than five centimeters, it can be placed in the mouth.
"Practical quantitation limit" or "(PQL)" means the lowest concentration that can be reliably measured within specified limits of precision, accuracy, representativeness, completeness, and comparability during routine laboratory operating conditions. This value is based on scientifically defensible, standard analytical methods. The value for a given chemical could be different depending on the matrix and the analytical method used.
"Product category" means the "brick" level of the GS1 Global Product Classification (GPC) standard, which identifies products that serve a common purpose, are of a similar form and material, and share the same set of category attributes.
"Product component" means a uniquely identifiable material or coating (including ink or dye) that is intended to be included as a part of a finished children's product.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.240.060 and 70.240.035. WSR 17-20-050 (Order 16-08), § 173-334-040, filed 9/29/17, effective 10/30/17. Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.240 RCW, RCW 70.240.040. WSR 11-16-008 (Order 09-04), § 173-334-040, filed 7/21/11, effective 8/21/11.]
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