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PDFWAC 173-321-050

Application evaluation criteria.

(1) The department will provide public notice of the application period, deadlines, and guidelines. The department will provide multi-lingual and culturally appropriate outreach to potential grant applicants.
(2) Applications will only be accepted through the department's online application system.
(3) Grant applications will be evaluated by the department. To be funded, applications must include all required elements as outlined in the guidelines.
(4) Except for emergency grants, grant applications must be received by the application deadline in order to be considered.
(5) Applications will be ranked by the numerical value calculated using evaluation criteria set out in the guidelines provided to potential grant applicants.
(6) Grants will be awarded, within the limits of available funds, to the highest ranking applications. The department may fund all or portions of eligible grant applications.
(7) The department will not fund applications failing to meet the grant eligibility criteria and may reopen the application period for additional applications.
(8) The evaluation criteria will include at a minimum:
(a) Whether the applicant meets one or more of the priority considerations outlined in WAC 173-321-010(2);
(b) The extent to which the individual applicant or the community served by the not-for-profit organization applicant is impacted by the hazardous substance release or the waste management issue addressed by the project;
(c) The extent to which the applicant has demonstrated the ability to manage grant funds in compliance with applicable requirements and in a cost-effective manner;
(d) The extent to which the applicant has demonstrated the ability to measure the project's outcomes;
(e) The applicant's past performance under a public participation grant, including whether the applicant appropriately managed grant funds, complied with grant requirements, and was able to demonstrate achievement of project goals. Only past grant recipients will be evaluated under this criterion.
(9) The department's announcement of the grants awarded will include:
(a) The public notice used to announce the application period;
(b) A ranked list of all applicants and a description of their proposed projects;
(c) How the applications were evaluated; and
(d) The amount awarded to each recipient.
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