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PDFWAC 173-312-100

Program administration.

(1) The department will prepare guidelines to facilitate understanding and compliance with this rule.
(2) All agreements under this chapter must comply with the department's administrative requirements for financial assistance, and department guidelines for local solid waste financial assistance that may be more stringent.
(3) Financial assistance will be obligated for a maximum period of two years and align with the state fiscal biennium.
(a) Costs incurred outside of the agreement effective dates are not eligible for reimbursement.
(b)(i) Retroactive costs are eligible for reimbursement as provided under this chapter.
(ii) A recipient's request for reimbursement of retroactive costs must be submitted to the department within ninety days of the department signature date on the agreement. Requests submitted later than ninety days may be denied by the department. The request must include adequate documentation for the department to determine eligibility.
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