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PDFWAC 173-312-060

Application process.

(1) The department will provide an application and establish a process for requesting local solid waste financial assistance under this chapter.
(2)(a) The department will estimate available funding levels for eligible applicants defined in WAC 173-312-040 (1) and (2). These estimates will be provided by the start of the initial application period in each biennium.
(b) Initial awards will be based on the final funding level approved by the department.
(3) An applicant must request an amount not to exceed the sum of its estimated state assistance funding level plus the local contribution of twenty-five percent identified as cash or in-kind interlocal.
(4) The department will only consider applications submitted by eligible applicants. Applications must provide sufficient detail for the department to determine project and cost eligibility.
(5) Each applicant must comply with the coordination requirements as described for the applicant:
(a) Eligible applicants, as defined in WAC 173-312-040(1), must notify signatories to its local solid waste plan and the local government that is required by chapter 70.105 RCW to adopt the local hazardous waste plan that financial assistance is available. The applicant must complete the coordination form provided by the department.
(b) Eligible applicants, as defined in WAC 173-312-040, excluding subsection (1) and (2) of that section, must coordinate with the local government (with primary responsibility for maintaining the local solid waste plan) to determine an amount it is allowed to request, and for the responsible authority to verify that the proposed projects or programs are contained in the local plan. The applicant and primary responsible local government must complete the coordination form provided by the department.
(c) Eligible applicants, as defined in WAC 173-312-040(2), are exempt from coordination requirements.
(6) The department may redirect funds to another applicant when the initial applicant does not return a signed agreement within four months of the department's official offer.
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