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PDFWAC 173-270-080


(1) Biennial report required. WSDOT shall prepare and submit to ecology a report by September 30 of each odd-numbered year beginning September 30, 1991.
(2) Content of report. The biennial report shall include, but is not limited to:
(a) Monitoring report for both approved and experimental BMPs and pesticides describing monitoring procedures and interpreting results. Included may be recommendations to improve monitoring procedures, findings on which BMPs are the most effective, combinations of BMPs that optimize pollution removal, and recommendations for experimental BMPs;
(b) A pesticide usage inventory, including (i) the amount of pesticides by product by pounds of active ingredient applied for shoulder residual, landscaped areas, brush control, general weed control, noxious weed control, spot treatment and broadcast application by district, area, highway segment, and if feasible, by county and (ii) an analysis and interpretation shall be included with the data;
(c) Storage, loading, and mixing area soil and groundwater contamination report for the presence of pesticides, including any cleanup efforts required, proposed, or completed since the adoption of this chapter;
(d) A deicing chemicals and traction grit usage report including:
(i) Product and quantities of deicing chemicals used in the Puget Sound basin by WSDOT district and maintenance area including chemical properties and known effects upon water quality;
(ii) Stockpile locations, with quantities of traction grit abrasive and deicing chemicals used during each season;
(iii) Cleanup practices to prevent or lessen traction grit and deicing chemical entry into waters of the state;
(iv) Locations prohibiting use of deicing chemicals or specific products due to water quality considerations;
(v) Training of personnel;
(vi) Experiments conducted on new products or procedures and experiments that WSDOT proposes;
(e) BMP maintenance report. Reports that shall submit BMP maintenance reports to ecology that shall include, but are not limited to:
(i) Dates that segments of state highway BMPs are inspected and/or maintained;
(ii) The general condition of BMPs;
(iii) Maintenance accomplished;
(iv) The need to reconstruct any BMPs;
(v) Any evaluation of a BMP type;
(vi) Estimated cost to maintain a BMP;
(vii) Suggested improvements to BMPs or their maintenance procedures; and
(viii) Training of personnel;
(f) Inventory for state highways with a fifty thousand ADT or greater required by WAC 173-270-060(1);
(g) Priority list for state highways with less than fifty thousand ADT required by WAC 173-270-060(3);
(h) Capital improvement program required by WAC 173-270-060(4);
(i) Inventory of all WSDOT highway disposal sites required by WAC 173-270-060(6);
(j) Status of roadside management plans by district and maintenance area; and
(k) A summary of the negotiations required by WAC 173-270-060(6).
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 90.48 and 90.70 RCW. WSR 91-11-091 (Order 91-06), ยง 173-270-080, filed 5/21/91, effective 6/21/91.]
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