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PDFWAC 173-245-055

Construction quality assurance plan.

(1) Before construction, a detailed plan must be submitted to the department showing how adequate and competent construction inspection will be provided.
(2) The construction quality assurance plan shall include:
(a) Construction schedule with a summary of planned construction activities, their sequence, interrelationships, durations, and terminations.
(b) Description of the construction management organization, management procedures, lines of communication, and responsibility.
(c) Description of anticipated quality control testing including type of test, frequency, and who will perform the tests.
(d) Description of the change order process that includes who will initiate change orders, as well as who will review, negotiate, and approve change orders.
(e) Description of the technical records handling methodology that includes where plans and specifications, as-built drawings, field orders, and change orders will be kept.
(f) Description of construction inspection program that includes inspection responsibility, anticipated inspection frequency, deficiency resolution, and inspector qualifications. (See also, WAC 173-240-075.)
[Statutory Authority: RCW 90.48.110. WSR 00-15-019 (Order 00-07), § 173-245-055, filed 7/11/00, effective 8/11/00. Statutory Authority: RCW 90.48.035. WSR 87-04-020 (Order DE 86-34), § 173-245-055, filed 1/27/87.]
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