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PDFWAC 173-240-140

Plans and specifications.

(1) Upon request of the owner the department may, at its discretion, allow submission of conceptual plans for industrial facilities, as noted in WAC 173-240-110(5). Two copies of the plans and specifications must be submitted to the department for approval before the start of construction.
(2) The plans and specifications shall include the following information together with any other relevant data as requested by the department:
(a) Repeat presentation of the basic engineering design criteria from the engineering report.
(b) If there are any deviations from the concepts of the engineering report, an explanation of the changes that includes as much detail as would have been provided in an engineering report.
(c) The plan and section drawings of major components, such as the treatment units, pump stations, flow measuring devices, sludge handling equipment, and influent and effluent piping. Foundations or soil preparation or both should be shown for major structures.
(d) A general site drawing that shows the location with respect to the entire plant site and a detailed site drawing that shows the component siting.
(e) A schematic drawing that shows flows that include: In plant collection, and wastewater pumping, treatment, and discharge.
(f) A hydraulic profile that shows head under maximum flows. This requirement may be waived where the three step submission of documents has been waived under WAC 173-240-110(5).
(g) Instrumentation, controls, and sampling schematics.
(h) General operating procedures, such as startup, shutdown, spills, etc.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 90.48.110. WSR 00-15-021 (Order 00-09), § 173-240-140, filed 7/11/00, effective 8/11/00. Statutory Authority: Chapters 43.21A and 90.48 RCW. WSR 83-23-063 (Order DE 83-30), § 173-240-140, filed 11/16/83. Statutory Authority: RCW 90.48.110. WSR 79-02-033 (Order DE 78-10), § 173-240-140, filed 1/23/79. Formerly chapter 372-20 WAC.]
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