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PDFWAC 173-230-300

Professional growth.

(1) A professional growth cycle is a three-year period beginning on January 1st and ending on December 31st.
(a) Operators who become certified during a professional growth cycle will have the remainder of the current professional growth period and all of the next professional growth period to meet their professional growth requirement.
(b) The professional growth cycle does not change when an existing certified operator upgrades to a higher certification level.
(2) Certificate holders must demonstrate continued professional growth to maintain their certification and be eligible for certification renewal.
(a) The following are ways to demonstrate professional growth:
(i) Accumulate a minimum of three CEUs or college credits in approved wastewater courses or training;
(ii) Advance by exam to a higher certification level in Washington's wastewater treatment plant operator certification program.
(b) Advancement from OIT to full certification does not meet the professional growth requirement.
(c) Advancement by reciprocity does not meet the professional growth requirement.
(3) Professional growth credit can only be received one time for the exact same course during a professional growth period.
(4) A trainer will earn CEUs for administering training one time per professional growth period.
(a) Trainers will earn the same number of CEUs as attendees if they administer the entire training session.
(b) Trainers will earn CEUs for their portion of the training if they do not administer the entire training session and do not attend the entire session.
(5) Excess CEUs cannot be carried over from one professional growth cycle to the next professional growth cycle.
(6) Each certified operator must submit documentation to the department to demonstrate compliance with this section by the end of the professional growth cycle.
(7) The department will notify certified operators who have not fulfilled the professional growth requirement.
(8) If the professional growth requirement is not met, the operator may not renew their certificate. Failure to renew an operator certification for any reason will be administered per WAC 173-230-310.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.95B RCW. WSR 19-15-025 (Order 18-02), ยง 173-230-300, filed 7/10/19, effective 8/10/19.]
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