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PDFWAC 173-226-150

Public hearings.

(1) The department shall hold one or more public hearing(s) on all draft general permits. The public hearing shall be held during the public comment period provided pursuant to WAC 173-226-130 (3)(d).
(2) The date, time, and place will be at the discretion of the department provided:
(a) At least thirty days is provided between the time the public notice is published pursuant to WAC 173-226-130 (3)(a) and (c), and the time the hearing is held; and
(b) The hearing location is within the geographical area covered by the general permit.
(3) For new operations or for operations previously under permit for which an increase in volume or change in the character of the effluent has occurred only, any interested person may request a public hearing within thirty days of the last date of publication of the public notice required pursuant to WAC 173-226-130(5).
(a) All requests for a public hearing shall be in writing and shall state the nature of the issues proposed to be raised in the hearing.
(b) The department shall only consider issues regarding the general permits applicability or nonapplicability to the discharger when considering the need to hold a public hearing.
(4) The department shall cause a record to be made of all hearings required pursuant to this section. The record may be stenographic, mechanical, or electronic.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 90.48 RCW. WSR 93-10-099 (Order 92-55), ยง 173-226-150, filed 5/5/93, effective 5/19/93.]
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