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PDFWAC 173-219-230

Construction and declaration of construction.

(1) Construction of reclaimed water facilities.
(a) Reclaimed water facilities must be constructed in accordance with chapter 90.46 RCW, this chapter, and the construction plans and specifications approved by the lead agency prior to construction.
(b) When health is the lead agency, no construction is permitted until health issues a written approval to construct, under chapter 246-272B WAC. If construction does not begin within two years following the date of health's approval of the plans and specifications, the approval shall expire or be extended as directed in WAC 246-272B-02350.
(2) Revisions to approved construction plans and specifications. If during construction, the engineer determines a substantial change to the approved plans and specifications is necessary and could affect the quality or quantity of the reclaimed water or has financial assistance implications, the generator must submit revisions to the approved engineering plans and specifications to the lead agency for review and approval prior to continuing construction of the facility.
(3) Declaration of construction. The professional engineer responsible for the construction portion of the project must comply with WAC 173-240-090 and submit a construction completion form provided for in WAC 173-240-095 to ecology within thirty calendar days of acceptance by the owner of the constructed or modified reclaimed water facility. Health's requirements are provided in WAC 246-272B-02350 and Part 5 of chapter 246-272B WAC.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 90.46.015. WSR 18-03-166 (Order 06-12), ยง 173-219-230, filed 1/23/18, effective 2/23/18.]
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