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PDFWAC 173-218-100

UIC wells that automatically meet the nonendangerment standard.

(1) The following new and existing Class V UIC wells automatically meet the nonendangerment standard and are considered rule authorized after the well is registered. These Class V wells are not subject to the requirements of WAC 173-218-090:
(a) UIC wells which inject fluids that meet chapter 173-200 WAC, Water quality standards for groundwaters of the state of Washington, to control subsidence;
(b) UIC wells that temporarily inject fluids or other material for the purpose of maintaining a properly functioning water extraction well or dewatering well;
(c) Closed loop heating and cooling water return flow wells that have not added any chemicals or product to the water;
(d) Air conditioning or heat pump return flow wells that have not added any chemical or product to the water, and are used to return fluid to the supply aquifer. The fluids must not impair beneficial uses of groundwater or surface water;
(e) Aquifer recharge wells that meet the requirements in chapter 173-157 WAC Underground artificial storage and recovery;
(f) UIC wells used as part of a reclaimed water project that meet the requirements of the Water reclamation and reuse standards as authorized by RCW 90.46.042;
(g) Septic systems that serve twenty or more people per day or an equivalent design capacity of 3,500 gallons or larger per day; and
(i) Receive operating permits, meet the requirements and are permitted in accordance with chapter 246-272B WAC Large on-site sewage system regulations; or
(ii) Meet the requirements of chapter 246-272A WAC On-site sewage systems.
(h) UIC wells receiving stormwater from nonpollution generating surfaces; and
(i) UIC wells that only receive runoff from a roof coated with an inert, nonleachable material and a roof that is not subject to venting of manufacturing, commercial, or other indoor pollutants.
(2) The following Class V UIC wells automatically meet the nonendangerment standard, are considered rule authorized and are exempt from registering:
(a) UIC wells used in residential settings that receive water from sump pumps, for basement flood control; and
(b) UIC wells that only receive runoff from a residential roof.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 43.21A and 90.48 RCW. WSR 06-02-065 (Order 01-10), § 173-218-100, filed 1/3/06, effective 2/3/06. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21A.445. WSR 84-06-023 (Order DE 84-02), § 173-218-100, filed 2/29/84.]
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