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PDFWAC 173-208-050

Applications for authorization.

No particular form shall be required for an application for authorization. No such decision shall be made on any such application, however, unless the applicant supplies to the department:
(1) A request from the municipality seeking authority to conduct a permit program for the discharge of commercial and industrial wastes into its sewerage system in accordance with state and federal water pollution control laws, regulations, and policies as now exist or are hereafter amended.
(2) A listing of all self-monitoring and reporting procedures to be required, and inspection and other regulatory control criteria and procedures applicant intends to use in administering the permit program.
(3) An estimate of the financial resources the applicant will commit to the permit program on an annual basis and the sources of funding therefor.
(4) A commitment showing the number of personnel who will be assigned to the permit program, either on a full-time or part-time basis, broken down by person-years or person-hours or other appropriate measure of personnel usage, and assurances that such personnel commitment is or will be adequately funded.
(5) An assurance that the background, experience and continuing training of personnel to be assigned to the permit program will be sufficient to achieve and maintain the goals and policies of state and federal water pollution control acts.
(6) A copy of the actual or proposed municipal ordinance or resolution intended for use in establishing and conducting the proposed waste discharge permit system.
(7) An outline of the procedures to be used in processing individual permit applications.
(8) Copies of the application for permit and of the proposed permit format.
(9) A description of enforcement procedures to be followed.
(10) A list of all potential dischargers into the sewerage system which will require permits pursuant to any delegation hereunder.
(11) If the applicant is the recipient of a federal grant for any phase of treatment works construction to be utilized by the discharger, it shall demonstrate to the department that it has adopted a system of charges to assure that each discharger shall pay a proportionate share of the costs of operation and maintenance of any waste treatment services provided by the applicant, and further demonstrate that it has made provision for the payment to the applicant by dischargers of that portion of the cost of construction of such treatment works which is allocable to the treatment of commercial and industrial wastes to the extent attributable to the federal share of the cost of construction.
(12) Any additional information required by the department.
[Order DE 75-10, ยง 173-208-050, filed 4/30/75.]
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