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PDFWAC 173-183-710

Wetlands vulnerability classification.

(1) Freshwater wetland environments and portions thereof, are classified into 4 types based on the identification system set forth below.
(a) Category I wetlands. The following types of wetlands are classed as category I wetlands:
(i) Documented habitat for threatened or endangered plant, animal, or fish species recognized by federal or state agencies; or
(ii) Documented Natural Heritage wetland sites or high quality native wetland communities which qualify as Natural Heritage wetland sites; or
(iii) Documented habitat of regional (Pacific Coast) or national significance for migratory birds; or
(iv) Regionally rare wetland communities; or
(v) Wetlands with irreplaceable ecological functions; or
(vi) Documented wetlands of local significance.
(b) Category II wetlands. The following types of wetlands are classed as category II wetlands:
(i) Documented habitat recognized by federal and state agencies for sensitive plant, animal, or fish species; or
(ii) Documented priority habitats and species recognized by state agencies; or
(iii) Wetlands with significant functions which may not be adequately replicated through creation or restoration; or
(iv) Wetlands with significant habitat value; or
(v) Documented wetlands of local significance.
(c) Category III wetlands. The following types of wetlands are classed as category III when they satisfy no category I, II, or IV criteria.
(d) Category IV wetlands. The following types of wetlands are classed as category IV wetlands:
(i) Wetlands less than one acre in size and hydrologically isolated and comprised of one vegetated class that is dominated (more than eighty percent areal cover) by one species from the list in Table 21; or
(ii) Wetlands less than two acres and hydrologically isolated with one vegetative class and more than ninety percent of the areal cover is any combination of species from the list in Table 22.
Table 21. List of invasive/exotic plant species for rating Category IV wetlands.
Common name
Scientific name
Soft Rush
Juncus effusus
Phragmites communis
Ranunculus repens
Reed Canary Grass
Phalaris arundinaceae
Purple loosestrife
Lythrum salicarla
Townsend's cordgrass
Spartina townsendii
Nonnative blackberry
Rubus discolor, laciniatus, vestitus, macrophyllus
Velvet grass
Holyus lanarus, mollis
Festuca arundinaceae, pratensis
Agropyron repena
Meadow foxtail
Alopercurus pratensis, aequalis
Dactylis glomerata
Loliom parenne, multiflorum, temulentum
Phleum pratense
Poa compressa, palustris, pratensia
Bromus tectorum, rigidus, brizaformis, geoalinus, japonicus, mollis, commutatus, inarmis, cractus
Cauchrus longispinus
Crab Grass
Digitarisa sanguinalis
Barnyard grass
Echinochloa crusgalli
Green Bristlegrass
Setaria viridius
Foxtail Barley
Hordeum jubatum
Cynosurus cristatus, achinatus
Russian Thistle
Salsola kali
Polygonium aviculare, concoloculus, cuspidatum, lapathifolium, persicaria
Sisymbrium altissimum, loesclii, officinale
Scotch broom
Cytisus scoparius
Sweet clover
Melilotus alba, officinalis
Bird's foot trefoil
Lotus corniculatus
Medicago sativa
Trifolium dubium, pratense, repens, aryense, subterraneum, hybridum
Euphorbia pepius, caula
St. John's wort
Hyparicum parfoliatum
Dipsacus sylvestris
Pineapple weed
Marricaria matricartioides
Tanacetum vulgare
Cirsium vulgare, arvense
Arctium minus
Centauras solstitialis, repens, cyanus, maculosa
Cultivated species; wheat,
corn, barley, triticum, rye
Table 22. List of native species for rating of Category IV wetlands.
Common name
Scientific name
Hard hack
Spirea douglasii
Typha latifolia
Soft rush
Juncus effusus
(2) Freshwater wetland environment vulnerability score (WVS). The vulnerability of freshwater wetland environments is based on the stream typing system established in WAC 222-16-030 incorporated by reference. The rating of the freshwater wetland environment vulnerability ranges from 1 to 5, where 5 represents the most sensitive category and 1 represents the least sensitive category as follows:
Table 23. Freshwater Wetlands Vulnerability Score (WVS).
Category I wetlands
Category II wetlands
Category III wetlands
Category IV wetlands
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 90.48 RCW. WSR 92-10-005 (Order 91-13), § 173-183-710, filed 4/23/92, effective 5/24/92.]
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