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WAC 173-182-800

Primary response contractor (PRC) application.

(1) To become a state-approved PRC, a response contractor must:
(a) Submit an application as set forth in subsection (2) of this section;
(b) Have a process to provide twenty-four hour/day contact for spill response;
(c) Commit to begin mobilization efforts immediately upon notification but no later than one hour from notification of a spill;
(d) Maintain equipment in accordance with manufacturer specifications;
(e) Identify and train staff and supervisors expected to be deployed on oil spill response tactics or used to meet plan holder planning standards;
(f) Assist plan holders in meeting the requirements for plans and drills in Washington; and
(g) List response equipment on the western regional response list currently located at www.wrrl.us, or provide an equivalent electronic equipment list and commit to maintaining the equipment list in whatever format is provided.
(2) To apply, a contractor should complete, sign and submit the application form number ECY 070-216.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 88.46, 90.48, 90.56 RCW, and 2011 c 122. WSR 13-01-054 (Order 11-06), § 173-182-800, filed 12/14/12, effective 1/14/13. Statutory Authority: Chapters 88.46, 90.56, and 90.48 RCW. WSR 06-20-035 (Order 00-03), § 173-182-800, filed 9/25/06, effective 10/26/06.]
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