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WAC 173-182-280

Spill management teams.

(1) Each plan shall contain information on the personnel (including contract personnel) who will be available to manage an oil spill response. To meet the requirement, the plan shall include:
(a) An organizational diagram depicting the chain of command for the spill management team for a worst case spill.
(b) For the purpose of ensuring depth of the spill management team, an organization list of one primary and one alternate person to lead each ICS spill management position down to the section chief and command staff level as depicted in the NWACP standard ICS organizational chart. In lieu of being placed in the plan, this list may be maintained at the plan holder's office and be made available to ecology upon request. If a response contractor is used to fill positions, they must agree in writing to staff the positions. The capacity and depth of spill management teams will be evaluated in drills and spills.
(c) A job description for each spill management position; except if the plan holder follows without deviation the job descriptions contained in the NWACP. If the job descriptions are consistent with the NWACP, then the plan holder may reference the NWACP rather than repeat the information.
(d) A detailed description of the planning process which will be used to manage a spill. If the process is consistent with the NWACP then the plan holder may reference the NWACP rather than repeat the information.
(2) The plan shall address the type and frequency of training that each individual listed in subsection (1)(b) of this section receives. The training program at a minimum shall include as applicable ICS, NWACP policies, use and location of GRPs, the contents of the plan and worker health and safety. The training program shall include participation in periodic announced and unannounced exercises and participation should approximate the actual roles and responsibilities of the individual specified in the plan. New employees shall complete the training program prior to being assigned job responsibilities which require participation in emergency response situations.
(3) The plan shall identify a primary and alternate incident commander's representative that can form unified command at the initial command post, and if located out-of-state, a primary and alternate incident commander that could arrive at the initial command post within six hours. The plan shall include estimated time frames for arrival of the remainder of the spill management team to the spill site, or at the incident command post as appropriate.
(4) The plan shall list a process for orderly transitions of initial response staff to incoming local, regional or away team personnel, including transitions between shift changes.
(5) Plans covering multiple vessels must maintain a list of the spill management team(s) for each vessel enrolled under the plan, and must describe the transition process from plan personnel to the incoming vessel owner or operator's team. The plan must include checklists and documentation to facilitate an effective transition.
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