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PDFWAC 173-175-500

Operation and maintenance.

(1) The owner shall develop and maintain a current operation and maintenance (O&M) manual.
The manual shall describe procedures for operation of the project under normal and extreme reservoir inflow conditions and provide technical guidance and procedures for monitoring, inspection, and long-term maintenance. Information on the development of the O&M manual is contained in the department's Dam Safety Guidelines. The O&M manual shall include, as a minimum, the following items:
(a) Identification of the individual(s) responsible for implementing the plan;
(b) A project data sheet describing the pertinent features of the dam and reservoir, including the spillway(s), outlet works, and appurtenant structures and their locations at the dam site;
(c) The rules and procedures (rule curve) used to regulate reservoir levels and project operation for various reservoir inflows and for both normal and unusual seasonal conditions;
(d) A description of each hydraulic element used to regulate or release water, including information on proper operation and scheduled maintenance;
(e) A listing of the items requiring periodic monitoring, the frequency of monitoring and procedures for monitoring, measurement, and recordkeeping;
(f) A listing of the items requiring periodic maintenance and procedures for conducting and documenting maintenance and recording of problems;
(g) A listing of items to be inspected or test operated, the frequency and procedures for conducting the same and for documenting the findings.
(2) It shall be the duty and responsibility of the owner to, at all times, operate and maintain the dam and all appurtenant works in a safe manner and condition and follow the method and schedule of operation of the dam as outlined in the O&M manual.
(3) Any proposed changes to the O&M manual which could have an effect on public or project safety must be submitted to the department for review and acceptance before implementation.
(4) The O&M manual must be updated within one hundred eighty days after a periodic inspection has been completed by the department.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21A.064, 43.21A.080, 86.16.061, 90.03.350 and [90.03].470. WSR 04-16-122 (Order 03-08), § 173-175-500, filed 8/4/04, effective 9/4/04. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21A.064, [43.21A.]080 and 86.16.061. WSR 92-12-055 (Order 91-17), § 173-175-500, filed 6/1/92, effective 7/2/92.]
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