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PDFWAC 173-165-060

Application process.

Submitting a completed application is the first step of the CWRE examination.
(1) Applicants should verify that they meet minimum qualification requirements under RCW 90.03.665(2) and WAC 173-165-050 prior to applying.
(2) Applicants must complete and submit to ecology an application for certified water rights examiner on an ecology-approved application form. Ecology will not accept changes to the application form.
(3) Ecology will not consider an application complete until receipt of:
(a) A completed CWRE application form without omissions, signed by the applicant.
(b) Any other documentation requested by ecology.
(4) Ecology will review each application based on RCW 90.03.665(2) and WAC 173-165-050.
(5) Ecology will notify each applicant in writing on whether his/her application is approved.
(a) If his/her application is approved, ecology will provide the applicant information on testing opportunities and submitting the required examination fee.
(b) If the applicant does not appear to meet the minimum qualifications or the application is not complete, ecology will return the application.
(c) If an applicant had a CWRE certification previously revoked under WAC 173-165-100, ecology may reject their application without regard to whether the applicant otherwise meets the minimum qualifications. Ecology may consider the following before approving the application:
(i) Whether five years has elapsed since the CWRE certificate was revoked.
(ii) The status of the applicant's qualifications including any professional licensure or water conservancy board membership.
(iii) The status of the incident(s) that originally required revocation of the CWRE certification.
(6) Application materials are considered public records and are subject to the Public Records Act, chapter 42.56 RCW.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 90.03.665(11), 43.27A.090(11), and 43.21A.064(9). WSR 12-24-031 (Order 11-03), ยง 173-165-060, filed 11/28/12, effective 12/29/12.]
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