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PDFWAC 173-153-045

What is the process for restructuring a board?

(1) A board may be restructured as to the number of commissioners on the board and the geographic area of its jurisdiction.
(2) A board, a county legislative authority, or a lead county legislative authority may request to restructure an existing board within its geographical jurisdiction. It is suggested that the legislative authority or authorities of the county or counties and the existing board communicate and work cooperatively during the board restructuring process.
(3) If a request is made to restructure an existing board to a multicounty board, WRIA board, or multi-WRIA board, the county legislative authority with the existing board must determine if the restructured board would include geographic areas within an additional county or counties. If the restructure includes a geographic area of another county, the county legislative authority or all county legislative authorities of the affected counties must agree:
(a) To the number of board commissioners serving on the board;
(b) Whether the commissioners and alternates currently appointed to and serving on the existing board or boards shall continue in that capacity;
(c) That areas within the county may be included within the geographic jurisdiction of the multicounty, WRIA, or multi-WRIA board.
(4) If the county legislative authorities included in the restructuring cannot agree to the terms of the restructure using an existing board, the county or counties in which a county legislative authority already has an established board may dissolve the existing board and work cooperatively with the other county legislative authority or county legislative authorities to establish a new board.
(5) The legislative authority or authorities of the pertinent county or counties shall hold a public hearing and adopt a resolution including:
(a) The manner of restructuring and the need for restructuring the board;
(b) The number of commissioners to serve on the board;
(c) The proposed geographic area of jurisdiction of the board;
(d) If the proposed geographic area of jurisdiction is restructured to include more than one county legislative authority, the legislative authorities of each county included within the restructuring shall identify a lead county; and
(e) A summary of the public testimony presented during the public hearing(s) conducted by the legislative authority or authorities of the county or counties in response to the resolution to restructure a board. The summary shall be clearly identified and include the date of the hearing.
(6) Upon submission to the water conservancy board coordinator of the required documentation pursuant to subsection (3) of this section, the director will determine whether the restructuring of a board will further the purposes of the law and be in the public interest as described in WAC 173-153-040(10).
(7) The director's determination to approve or deny restructuring of the board shall be made within forty-five days of receiving all items listed in subsection (5) of this section.
(8) If the board restructuring is approved, ecology will include in its notice of approval any unique conditions or provisions under which the approval is made, if any, and shall identify the date the restructuring of the board will take effect. The director shall also identify any additional training required of the board if it assumes jurisdiction of a new geographic area.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 90.80.040. WSR 06-18-102 (Order 05-18), § 173-153-045, filed 9/6/06, effective 10/7/06; WSR 03-01-039 (Order 01-13), § 173-153-045, filed 12/9/02, effective 1/9/03.]
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