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PDFWAC 173-134A-130


(1) No use of water under a permit issued pursuant to WAC 173-134A-080(2) shall take place until the recipient of such permit shall enter into an agreement with the bureau, on a form and in a content, approved and previously agreed to by the bureau and the department, pertaining to withdrawal of artificially stored groundwaters. The agreement shall relate to reasonable charges for withdrawal of artificially stored groundwaters and other pertinent provisions necessary to comply with federal law and ensure payment of such charges. Use of water before the permittee enters into an agreement with the bureau shall cause the permit to be terminated by the department.
(2) The bureau shall not enter into an agreement, as provided in WAC 173-134A-130(1), until a copy of a permit issued by the department pursuant to WAC 173-134A-080(2) is received by the bureau. Thereafter, upon presentation of a request the bureau shall enter into an agreement with eligible persons having state permits as described in WAC 173-134A-130(1).
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21A.060, 43.21A.080, 43.27A.090, 90.44.130, 90.54.040(2) and chapter 90.03 RCW. WSR 83-12-060 (Order DE 83-10), ยง 173-134A-130, filed 6/1/83. Formerly WAC 173-134-100.]
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