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PDFWAC 173-134A-080

Regulation of waters of the shallow management unit—Permit requirements.

Waters of the shallow management unit shall be subject to the following:
(1) Applications for withdrawal of public groundwaters shall be processed in accordance with the provisions of chapters 90.44 and 90.03 RCW.
The total quantity of withdrawals of public waters, whether authorized by permits and certificates issued under RCW 90.44.050, 90.44.060 or otherwise, shall not exceed 58,000 acre-feet per year. It appears there may be relatively small amounts of public waters (in the range of not more than 4,000 acre-feet annually) available for appropriation in the shallow management unit. Such small amounts are reserved for withdrawal for domestic and group domestic uses.
(2) No withdrawal of, or construction of any works for the withdrawal of artificially stored groundwaters shall be commenced by any person without obtaining permission of the department of ecology. Permission shall be obtained through the issuance of a permit as provided in chapter 173-136 WAC. Application for a permit shall be on a form furnished by the department. In relation to ruling upon any such application, the following shall apply:
(a) Each permit shall be conditioned to ensure that no withdrawal will interfere with the furnishing of adequate supplies of water to the Potholes Reservoir facility of the bureau to satisfy existing and future project needs of the bureau.
(b) Each permit shall be conditioned to ensure that no interference with rights established under state law, previously or in the future, to withdraw public waters or artificially stored groundwaters shall be allowed. Rights described herein shall include rights to the (1) maintenance of certain groundwater levels to ensure availability and (2) protection of the use ability of certain withdrawal facilities.
(c) To the maximum extent possible, consistent with rights and interest in the groundwaters of the Quincy subarea; wildlife, recreation, and other values associated with the general public interest in the groundwater in the subarea shall be protected and permits issued hereunder shall be so conditioned.
(d) Permits shall be conditioned such that the well depth shall be no greater than 200 feet into the basalt (the shallow management unit). However, when the total production from the authorized well(s), completed within the shallow management unit does not produce the quantity of water authorized under the permit in gallons per minute, the permittee may apply to the department of ecology for an exemption to the well depth limitation imposed by these regulations. Such an exemption will be granted if reasonable efforts have been made to develop water in the shallow management unit and the proposed deepening will not adversely affect existing rights in the deep management unit. The depth of the well(s) in any event shall not penetrate the top of the Grand Ronde Basalt unit. When an exemption is granted, the department will advise the permittee of the depth to the top of the Grand Ronde Basalt unit at the specific well site(s). The authorized wells must be of adequate diameter and casing wall thickness to accommodate a pump of sufficient capacity to produce the permitted quantity in gallons per minute. Notwithstanding the definitions in WAC 173-134A-040, withdrawals of water subject to exemptions shall be considered as artificially stored groundwater.
(e) Each permit shall be conditioned to provide that failure of the permittee to comply with the terms of an executed agreement as described in WAC 173-134A-130 shall constitute grounds for the department to terminate a permit issued under this subsection.
(f) Applications for permits shall be processed in order of their priority, based on the date of receipt of an application by the department of ecology.
(g) Permits granted herein shall pertain to a specific point(s) of withdrawal, and purpose, and place of use. No assignment of such permits can be made without written approval of the department.
The department may approve amendments to permits granted herein regarding changes in point of withdrawal, purpose, and place of use, if it believes, after investigation, that the amendment will comply with WAC 173-134A-070 (1) through (4). Application for amendments provided herein shall be made on forms provided by the department.
Permits for the use of artificially stored groundwaters may be amended as to places of use and purpose only to the extent that waters actually have been placed to beneficial use pursuant to the terms of said permits.
(h) No permit shall authorize the withdrawal of waters for agricultural irrigation use for more acres than authorized by federal reclamation law.
(i) Permits issued hereunder shall have no expressed termination date provided, however, the permit shall be modifiable and terminable by the department at any time for good cause in order to accomplish the water management and regulation program of this chapter. Modifications and terminations as provided herein shall be effectuated through the issuance of regulatory orders as described in WAC 173-134A-090.
All permits provided for in chapter 173-136 WAC shall contain development schedules requiring that water be put to beneficial use within a three-year period from the date of issuance. Any permit under which development has not been completed may be perfected to the extent of beneficial use, and cancellation proceedings will be initiated on the remaining undeveloped portion.
(j) By applying for and obtaining a permit hereunder, an applicant expressly waives all other claims of rights to withdraw groundwaters of the Quincy subarea for irrigation uses, except as such rights are (1) embodied in a permit or certificate pertaining to public groundwaters issued previously by the department of ecology or one of its predecessors or (2) based upon rights established prior to the enactment of chapter 90.44 RCW and are the subject of a claim filed with the department of ecology pursuant to RCW 90.14.041.
(k) There shall be no fee for filing an application for a permit authorized for withdrawal of artificially stored groundwaters under this subsection. Said application shall include the names and signatures of all legal owners of the lands proposed for irrigation.
(l) Withdrawals of artificially stored waters authorized by permit under this section shall be limited to a maximum cumulative total of no more than 177,000 acre-feet for each calendar year.
Withdrawals from wells presently drilled into both the shallow and deep management units, covered by an application filed with the department or a license to withdraw water issued by the bureau between May 12, 1967, and February 14, 1974, and which are also subject of a permit issued under this subsection (2), shall be considered as withdrawals from the shallow management unit.
(m) The duty of water for agricultural irrigation uses shall be not more than 3.5 acre-feet for each acre for each calendar year.
(n) No applications for permits submitted pursuant to WAC 173-134A-080(2) shall be approved for withdrawals of artificially stored groundwaters from wells located on lands adjacent to bureau waterways and on lands underlain by groundwater that hydraulically responds to changes in the water level of the Potholes Reservoir, which specifically are those lands described in amended department of ecology Order No. 75-54, second amendment, entered on February 3, 1986.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21A.060. WSR 86-04-057 (Order DE 86-01), § 173-134A-080, filed 2/4/86. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21A.060, 43.21A.080, 43.27A.090, 90.44.130, 90.54.040(2) and chapter 90.03 RCW. WSR 83-12-060 (Order DE 83-10), § 173-134A-080, filed 6/1/83. Formerly WAC 173-134-060.]
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