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PDFWAC 173-03-030

Agency descriptionContact informationPublic records officer.

(1) The department of ecology is an agency headed by a director appointed by the governor subject to confirmation by the senate. The powers and duties of the director are described in chapter 43.21A RCW. Ecology effectively manages air and water resources and implements a coordinated pollution control program for air, water, and land resources. More information on ecology's functions and organization can be found at its website at
(2) Ecology's headquarters administrative office is located at: 300 Desmond Dr. S.E., Lacey, WA 98503.
(3) Ecology's public records officer may be contacted at the following mailing address, telephone number, or email address:
Public Records Officer
Department of Ecology
P.O. Box 47600
Olympia, WA 98504-7600
Information and records are also available at the ecology website at Requestors are encouraged to view the information and documents available on the website prior to contacting the public records officer.
(4) The name of the current public records officer is on file with the code reviser in accordance with RCW 42.56.580 and is published in the Washington State Register which is available online at
The public records officer will oversee compliance with the act but another ecology staff member may process the request. The public records officer or designee will provide fullest assistance to requestors and prevent fulfilling public records requests from causing excessive interference with ecology's essential functions.
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