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PDFWAC 172-137-070

Procedures for reserving university facilities.

This section prescribes procedures for the use of university facilities, by individuals and entities other than the university itself.
(1) Scheduling and reservation practices.
(a) The primary purpose of university facilities is to serve the university's instructional, research, and public service activities. However, designated facilities, when not required for scheduled university use, may be available for rental by the public in accordance with current fee schedules and other relevant terms and conditions. Not all university facilities are available for reservation or request for noninstructional purposes. Information concerning reservation and request procedures for designated facilities available for noninstructional use may be obtained from events planning.
(b) Designated university facilities and services may be reserved in accordance with the procedures below. No university facilities may be used by individuals or groups unless the facilities have been reserved in accordance with this section. Reservations shall be made at least forty-eight hours in advance, excluding weekends and holidays, to events planning or another appropriate university office.
(c) The VP-BF/designee may deny a request to use university facilities when it is determined that the use would violate any of the limitations set forth in this chapter, when the request is for a space previously reserved, where the requestor is unwilling to comply with university requirements for the use of facilities, or for any other content neutral, legitimate business or educational reason.
(2) Requests. Requests for use of university facilities must be directed to the event planning office.
(3) Approval authority.
(a) University employees and university-affiliated groups may use university facilities to hold events for faculty, staff, and students without sponsorship by an academic or administrative unit, or approval by the VP-BF/designee, so long as the use complies with this policy and the policies of the specific facilities involved.
(b) University employees and university-affiliated groups may use university facilities to hold events to which the general public is invited when the event is sponsored by an academic or administrative unit and approved by the VP-BF or designee.
(c) All requests for the use of university facilities by students, nonaffiliated groups, and outside community members, whether sponsored or not, must be approved by the VP-BF or designee. Such requests are subject to the following additional limitations:
(i) Use of the facility must benefit the university;
(ii) The use must be pursuant to a written agreement setting forth the terms and conditions of the proposed use;
(iii) The use by the requestor must be occasional rather than frequent;
(iv) The use must not interfere with any organized university activity or event;
(v) Students or other organizations/individuals with a campus affiliation shall be granted priority over other nonaffiliated groups and outside community members;
(vi) Consideration must be given to the availability of comparable nonuniversity facilities and services which could accommodate the proposed use.
(4) Facility rental/use fees.
(a) The university assesses fees based upon the actual cost, direct and indirect, of using a university facility. Fees for the use of most facilities are set forth on a schedule available on the event planning office web site. The university reserves the right to make changes to fees without prior written notice, except that fee changes do not apply to facility use agreements already approved by the university.
(b) In the event that the fee for the use of a particular facility has not been placed on the schedule, and if the university determines to allow the use of the facility, the university will assess a fee based upon the full cost, direct and indirect, of using the facility.
(c) ASEWU and university recognized student organizations may be allowed to use space in many university facilities at no charge or at a reduced rate. The fees charged to ASEWU and university recognized student organizations for facilities are available through the event planning office.
(5) Nontransferability of authorization. A university-affiliated group must reserve university facilities or request services through one of its officers or authorized representatives. A university-affiliated group that reserves a facility or requests services on behalf of the group assumes responsibility for costs associated with the use of those facilities or services and for damage to the facility by group members or other attendees of the event. No group other than the reserving group may use the facility reserved. The reserving group may not transfer control of the event for which the facilities were reserved or the services requested to any other group or individual.
(6) Denial of facility reservation. Any applicant who is denied a reservation for use of a university facility may appeal in writing to the vice president for business and finance or designee. Any applicant who is denied a request on the basis that the event will include prohibited speech shall be offered the opportunity for prompt review upon submission of an appeal in writing to the president or designee.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.35.120(12) and 42.56.070. WSR 18-11-065, § 172-137-070, filed 5/15/18, effective 6/15/18. Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.35.120(12). WSR 12-04-065, § 172-137-070, filed 1/30/12, effective 3/1/12.]
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