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PDFWAC 162-26-070

General rules.

These rules apply except where exempted by RCW 49.60.215 for structural changes or behavior causing risk, or excepted by ruling of the commissioners under WAC 162-06-030. It is an unfair practice under RCW 49.60.215 for any person in the operation of a place of public accommodation, because of disability or use of a trained dog guide or service animal:
(1) To refuse to serve a person;
(2) To charge for reasonably accommodating the special needs of a disabled person;
(3) To require a disabled person accompanied by a trained dog guide or service animal in any of the places listed in RCW 70.84.010(3) to pay an extra charge for the trained dog guide or service animal;
(4) To treat a disabled person as not welcome, accepted, desired, or solicited the same as a nondisabled person;
(5) To segregate or restrict a person or deny a person the use of facilities or services in connection with the place of public accommodation where same service is possible without regard to the disability; or
(6) To fail to reasonably accommodate the known physical, sensory, or mental limitations of a disabled person, when same service would prevent the person from fully enjoying the place of public accommodation, as provided in WAC 162-26-080.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 49.60.120(3). WSR 99-15-025, § 162-26-070, filed 7/12/99, effective 8/12/99. Statutory Authority: RCW 49.60.120(3) and 1997 c 271. WSR 98-08-035, § 162-26-070, filed 3/23/98, effective 4/23/98. Statutory Authority: RCW 49.60.120(3). WSR 82-19-086 (Order 41), § 162-26-070, filed 9/22/82.]
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