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PDFWAC 16-86-025

Official brucellosis vaccination.

(1) An official vaccination report of all brucellosis vaccinations must be made to the department within thirty days of vaccination by the accredited veterinarian who performed the vaccination. The vaccination report must be made on an approved report form (USDA form number VS 4-26) issued by the department for the purpose of individually identifying the cattle and recording official brucellosis vaccinations.
(a) All vaccinations must be performed by a licensed accredited veterinarian or federal or state employed veterinarian and are not official until they are reported to the department.
(b) Veterinarians must record all vaccinations in a ledger that records the owner of the animal, official individual identification numbers, and the date of vaccination. These records must be maintained for seven years.
(2) Official calfhood vaccinates must be:
(a) Vaccinated with 2cc subcutaneous RB-51 Brucella vaccine; and
(b) Permanently identified with official individual vaccination identification and calfhood vaccination tattoo.
(3) Official adult vaccinates must not be pregnant and must have prevaccination blood samples for brucellosis submitted on USDA form number VS4-33 to the office of the state veterinarian. An official adult vaccinate must be:
(a) Vaccinated with 2cc subcutaneous RB-51 Brucella vaccine;
(b) Permanently identified with individual official identification; and
(c) Permanently identified as a vaccinate by an adult vaccination tattoo in the right ear.
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