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PDFWAC 16-86-005


In addition to the definitions found in RCW 16.36.005, the following definitions apply to this chapter:
"Accredited veterinarian" means a veterinarian licensed to practice veterinary medicine, surgery, and dentistry in the state of Washington and approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Veterinary Services to participate in state-federal cooperative programs.
"Adult vaccination tattoo" means a tattoo in the right ear with the letters RA, the United States registered V-shield, followed by the last digit of the year in which the vaccination was administered with RB-51 Brucella vaccine. An example is RAV2 for an adult vaccinated in 2012.
"Breed registry tattoo" means individual registry tattoos issued by breed associations.
"Brucellosis vaccine" means only those Brucella abortus products that are approved by and produced under license of the USDA for injection into cattle to enhance their resistance to brucellosis.
"Calfhood vaccination tattoo" means a tattoo in the right ear consisting of an R, the United States registered V-shield, and the last digit of the year in which the animal was vaccinated with RB-51 Brucella vaccine. An example is RV-shield2 for a calf vaccinated in 2012.
"Department" means the Washington state department of agriculture (WSDA).
"Director" means the director of WSDA or the director's authorized representative.
"Herd plan" means a written management agreement between the animal owner and the state veterinarian, with possible input from a private accredited veterinarian designated by the owner, in which each participant agrees to undertake actions specified in the herd plan to control the spread of infectious, contagious, or communicable disease within and from an infected herd and to work toward eradicating the disease in the infected herd.
"Official calfhood vaccinate" means female cattle between four and twelve months of age that are vaccinated with brucellosis vaccine at a calfhood dose (2cc subcutaneously) and officially individually identified.
"Official individual identification" means identifying an animal using USDA-approved devices or methods or an alternative form of identification agreed upon by the sending and receiving states, such as unique breed registry tattoos when accompanied by registration documentation. A group of animals may be identified by registered brands when accompanied by a certificate of inspection from a brand inspection authority recognized by the director when agreed upon by the sending and receiving states.
"Official Washington adult vaccinate" means female cattle over the age of twelve months that have resided in Washington state for ninety days or more and are vaccinated with a dose of brucellosis vaccine (2cc subcutaneously) under directions issued by the director.
"Premises" means a location where livestock are kept.
"Timed events" means competitive events that take place where time elapsed is the factor that determines the placing of individuals competing in the event.
"USDA" means the United States Department of Agriculture.
"Virgin bull" means a sexually intact male bovine less than eighteen months of age, as determined by dentition inspection by an accredited veterinarian or verified by breed registration documents, that is confirmed by a statement and the signature of the owner or the owner's designee as having had no breeding contact with female cattle.
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