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PDFWAC 16-750-105

State noxious weed control board—Powers—Duties—Responsibilities.

The powers and duties of the board include:
(1) Adopting rules defining the words "control," "contain," "eradicate," and the term "prevent the spread of noxious weeds";
(2) Conducting elections to the board, and adopting rules as set forth in this chapter establishing a position number for each elected position to the board and designating in which county noxious weed control board members are eligible to vote for each elected position;
(3) Electing officers, conducting meetings, holding hearings, appointing committees, entering upon any property to administer chapter 17.10 RCW, and adopting the necessary rules to carry out its powers and duties identified herein;
(4) When petitioned, holding a hearing in a county to determine the need for activation of the county noxious weed control board and, if such a need is found to exist, ordering the county legislative authority to activate and appoint members to such board;
(5) Each year or more often, adopting a state noxious weed list, classifying the weeds on the list, and entering written findings for the inclusion of each weed on the list;
(6) Sending a copy of the state noxious weed list to each activated county noxious weed control board, regional noxious weed control board, weed district, and each county legislative authority of each county with an inactivated noxious weed control board;
(7) When petitioned and following a hearing, ordering any county noxious weed board to include a noxious weed from the state list on the county board or district's weed list;
(8) Adopting a schedule of monetary penalties for each violation of chapter 17.10 RCW classified as a civil infraction and submitting the schedule to the appropriate courts;
(9) Employing an executive secretary whose qualifications, duties, and responsibilities are set forth in this chapter and RCW 17.10.070;
(10) Preparing and distributing a biennial written report showing the expenditure of state funds on noxious weed control; specifying how the funds were spent; the status of state, county, and district programs; recommending the continued best use of state funds; and recommending the long-term needs regarding weed control;
(11) Advising the director as provided for in chapter 17.10 RCW.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 17.10 RCW. WSR 99-24-029, § 16-750-105, filed 11/23/99, effective 1/3/00; WSR 93-01-004, § 16-750-105, filed 12/2/92, effective 1/2/93.]
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