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PDFWAC 16-610-130

Public livestock market scales.

(1) To ensure that scales can be tested with relative ease and convenience:
(a) All scales that are inaccessible to a test truck must be accessible by a convenient, unobstructed, hard-surfaced approach ramp or walkway that connects with the scale deck at the scale deck level; and
(b) All doors and passageways leading to the scale must have a minimum width of six feet.
(2) Preferably, scale decks should be constructed using reinforced concrete with "Z" bar coping. If cleats are used that are more than three-fourths inch in thickness, they must be:
(a) Hinged; or
(b) Readily removable; or
(c) Accompanied by a satisfactory covering to allow for proper testing.
(3) All stock racks must be securely fastened to the scale deck. There must be a minimum clearance of three inches between the rack and the surrounding stationary construction.
(4) Adequate space and visibility must be provided around scales so that interested parties may observe the weighing operation.
(5) All dial scales used by the licensee must be:
(a) Readily visible to all interested parties; and
(b) Equipped with a mechanical weight recorder.
(6) All beam scales used by the licensee must be equipped with a balance indicator, a weigh beam, and a mechanical weight recorder. The balance indicator, weigh beam, and mechanical weight recorder must be readily visible to all interested parties.
(7)(a) The pit and foundation beneath the scale deck must be constructed in a singular, uniform and massively solid way.
(b) Coping iron is required on all corners adjacent to the deck.
(c) The pit must be six feet in depth, dry and readily accessible for inspection. When conditions are sufficiently adverse, the director may allow exceptions to this six-foot depth requirement. However, a minimum of two feet clearance between the lowest scale lever and the pit floor must always be provided.
(d) To insure safe and accurate inspections, sufficient electrical lighting must be provided in the inspection facility, especially around the chute and scales and in the pit beneath the scale deck.
(8) The recording element must be adequately housed for protection against wind and weather.
(9) Scales are not required at markets only licensed to handle horses and mules unless these animals are sold by weight. When these animals are sold by weight, the scale requirements of this section apply.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 16.57, 16.58, 16.65 and 34.05 RCW. WSR 07-14-057, § 16-610-130, filed 6/28/07, effective 7/29/07; WSR 04-01-171, § 16-610-130, filed 12/23/03, effective 1/23/04.]
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