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PDFWAC 16-516-110

Commission rules—Reporting and paying assessments.

Effective with the growing season of 1962, the following procedure is established for the reporting and paying assessments levied pursuant to RCW 15.66.150 and WAC 16-516-040:
(1) The commission shall have the discretion to determine which one or more of the methods hereinafter set forth shall be respectively followed by each respective affected producer and or handler in reporting and paying assessments.
(2) Assessments shall be paid in accordance with one or more of the following methods as prescribed by the commission, in its discretion, for each respective affected producer and or handler:
(a) By means of collection from producers by handlers at the time the potatoes are first handled, and payment by said handlers to the commission of the assessments so collected.
(i) The commission shall bill each handler at such intervals, not less frequently than monthly, as the commission may from time to time determine, for the assessments due upon potatoes handled in the preceding period for which billing has not previously been made, and upon which assessments have not been paid, computed on the basis of the quantity of potatoes so handled as recorded on potato shipping records pertaining to each handler prepared by the state of Washington department of agriculture in behalf of the commission, and filed with the commission, or, with respect to handlers who are packers or processors, on the basis of the quantity of potatoes so handled as recorded on potato shipping records pertaining to such packer or processor prepared by such packer or processor and filed with the commission.
(ii) In the event potatoes subject to assessment are handled by processors or other handlers under circumstances in which no potato shipping record is filed with the commission with respect to the potatoes so handled the handler shall, at the time of submitting the report required by subsection (a)(iii) immediately following, pay in full the assessment on the potatoes so reported.
(iii) Each handler shall, in any event, file a monthly report, under oath, on forms provided by the commission, showing the name and address of the handler making the report, the quantity of potatoes handled during the preceding calendar month, the name, address, handler's lot number, and quantity of potatoes handled, for each respective producer, and the representative district as defined in WAC 16-516-020, within which the potatoes were grown. The report shall be filed with the commission not later than the 20th day of the month following that in which the potatoes were handled.
(b) By means of payment in cash by the producer, or handler, as determined by the commission in each respective instance, prior to the time the potatoes are shipped in either interstate or intrastate commerce.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 15.66 and 34.05 RCW, specifically RCW 15.66.140(2). WSR 06-03-002, § 16-516-110, filed 1/4/06, effective 2/4/06. Rule XII, filed 6/25/62; Rule XII, § 1, filed 4/7/61; Rule XII, filed 3/3/60.]
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