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PDFWAC 16-487-040

Peach yellows, little peach, and red suture disease quarantine—Absolute quarantine for symptomless carriers.

The following Prunus species are symptomless carriers of peach yellows, little peach, and red suture diseases. All planting stock of these species, except seeds, is prohibited entry into Washington state:
Prunus americana, American plum
Prunus cerasifera, cherry plum, myrobalan plum, "Antropurpurea" purple leaf plum
Prunus domestica, European plum, prune
Prunus hortulana, hortulan plum
Prunus munsoniana, wild goose plum
Prunus salicina, Japanese plum
hybrids of any of the species named in this section and wild native species of plum.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 17.24 RCW. WSR 00-24-022, § 16-487-040, filed 11/28/00, effective 12/29/00; WSR 91-21-041, § 16-487-040, filed 10/11/91, effective 11/11/91; Order 386, § 4, effective 3/30/43.]
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