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PDFWAC 16-487-025

Peach yellows, little peach, and red suture disease quarantine—Species not regulated.

The following species have been determined not to be hosts of peach yellows, little peach, and red suture diseases and are not regulated under WAC 16-487-021 through 16-487-060:
Prunus avium, sweet cherry
Prunus besseyi, western sand cherry
Prunus cerasus, sour cherry
Prunus caroliniana, American cherry laurel, Carolina cherry laurel
Prunus ilicifolia, California cherry, hollyleaf cherry
Prunus laurocerasus, cherry laurel, English laurel
Prunus lusitanica, Portugal laurel
Prunus lyonii, Catalina cherry
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 17.24 RCW. WSR 00-24-022, § 16-487-025, filed 11/28/00, effective 12/29/00; WSR 91-21-041, § 16-487-025, filed 10/11/91, effective 11/11/91.]
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