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PDFWAC 16-409-070

Container marking requirements.

(1) All required markings must be placed on one end of the container, but may be duplicated on the opposite end.
(2) Containers must be conspicuously and legibly marked with the:
(a) Name and address of the grower, packer, or distributor;
(b) Grade;
(c) Net weight; and
(d) Size designation or diameter size as defined in WAC 16-409-024.
(3) The grade and size designation required in subsection (2) of this section must be marked in letters at least 3/8 inch in height.
(4) The following abbreviations of grade and size designation are acceptable:
(a) Washington as Wash. or WA.
(b) Extra fancy as ex fcy or extra fcy.
(c) Fancy as fcy.
(d) Jumbo as jbo.
(e) Extra large as ex lge.
(f) Large as lge.
(g) Standard as std.
(h) Small as sm.
(5) The use of U.S. No. 1 or U.S. No. 2 grade markings is permissible subject to the requirements in WAC 16-409-026.
(6) If culls are marketed:
The word "culls" must be:
(a) Conspicuously and legibly marked in letters at least one inch in height; and
(b) Predominant in size over any other markings on the container.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 15.17 and 34.05 RCW. WSR 07-06-047, § 16-409-070, filed 3/1/07, effective 4/1/07; WSR 05-10-092, § 16-409-070, filed 5/4/05, effective 6/4/05. Statutory Authority: Chapter 15.17 RCW. WSR 97-01-081 (Order 6008), § 16-409-070, filed 12/17/96, effective 1/17/97; WSR 85-07-028 (Order 1848), § 16-409-070, filed 3/15/85; WSR 83-06-049 (Order 1787), § 16-409-070, filed 3/1/83; Order 795, Regulation 3, effective 2/16/60.]
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