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PDFWAC 16-403-220

Marking requirements—Open or closed containers.

(1) Individual destination states or countries may have specific requirements for letter heights and placement of markings.
(2) All required markings must be displayed together on the principal display panel of the containers.
(3) All required markings must be a minimum of one-quarter inch in height for a principal display panel of one hundred to four hundred square inches. Markings on consumer-type packages must be at least one-quarter inch in height.
(4) Containers must have the following markings:
(a) The correct name of the variety or when more than one variety or commodity is in the container, each variety and commodity must be shown;
(b) The name and address of the grower, packer, or distributor;
(c) The grade;
(d) The net contents either in terms of dry measure or weight; and
(e) The numerical count or the minimum diameter of apples packed in a closed container. All open containers and consumer packages must bear a statement of net weight or volume. Over-wrapped consumer units may be marked with count, if all specimens can be counted.
(i) When containers are marked as to number of apples in the container, each container contains the correct number of apples designated by the markings.
(ii) When the numerical count is not shown, the minimum diameter or minimum weight of individual apples shall be plainly stamped, stenciled, or otherwise marked on the container in terms of whole inches, or whole inches and not less than eighth inch fractions thereof or in terms of whole grams.
(iii) The minimum weight of individual apples within the container may only be stated in combination with the minimum diameter as a declaration of size for Red Delicious and Golden Delicious. All other varieties and sizes may only have a minimum diameter or minimum weight designated.
(iv) When used in combination with minimum diameter as a size designation, the following minimum fruit weights shall be used:
Red Delicious
Golden Delicious
2 1/8 in. and 65
2 1/8 in. and 63
2 1/4 in. and 75
2 1/4 in. and 70
2 3/8 in. and 84
2 3/8 in. and 82
2 1/2 in. and 100
2 1/2 in. and 95
2 5/8 in. and 115
2 5/8 in. and 109
2 3/4 in. and 139
2 3/4 in. and 134
(v) The word "minimum," or its abbreviation, when following a diameter size or weight size marking, means that the apples are of the size marked or larger.
(f) Apples which were produced outside of the state of Washington and which are graded, packed, or repacked in the state of Washington, shall be correctly labeled as to the state or country of origin, e.g., "Product of Oregon," "Grown in Oregon," "Produced in Canada."
(g) Consumer type packages are not required to bear a statement as to origin when such marking has been placed on the master shipping container's principal display panel.
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