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PDFWAC 16-403-014


"Aggregate" means the gathering together of separate areas into one mass for the purpose of comparison to determine the extent affected.
"Clean" means that the apples are free from excessive dirt, dust, spray residue and other foreign material.
"Diameter" means, when measuring for minimum size, the greatest dimension of the apple measured at right angles to a line from stem to blossom end. When measuring for maximum size, diameter means the smallest dimension of the apple determined by passing the apple through a round opening in any position.
"Fairly tight" means that the apples are the proper size for molds or cell compartments in which they are packed and the molds or cells are filled in such a way that no more than a slight movement of apples within the molds or cells is possible.
"Fairly well filled" means that the net weight of the apples in containers ranging from 2,100 to 2,900 cubic inches capacity is not less than thirty-seven pounds for Jonathan, McIntosh, and Golden Delicious varieties and not less than forty pounds for all other varieties.
"Fairly well formed" means that the apple may be slightly abnormal in shape but not to an extent which detracts materially from its appearance.
"Firmness terms." The following four terms are used for describing different stages of firmness of apples:
• "Hard" means apples with a tenacious flesh and starchy flavor.
• "Firm" means apples with a tenacious flesh but which are becoming crisp with a slightly starchy flavor, except the Delicious variety.
• "Firm ripe" means apples with crisp flesh except that the flesh of the Rome Beauty or similar varieties may be slightly mealy.
• "Ripe" means apples with mealy flesh and soon to become soft for the variety.
"Fruit weight" means, when measuring for minimum weight as a designation of fruit size, the individual apple must meet the minimum weight designation as marked on the container or package.
"Mature" means that the apples have reached the stage of development which will ensure the proper completion of the ripening process. Before a mature apple becomes overripe it will show varying degrees of firmness, depending upon the stage of the ripening process.
"Overripe" means apples which have progressed beyond the stage of ripe, with flesh very mealy or soft, and past commercial utility.
"Principal display panel" means the end or side panels, exclusive of tops and bottoms of a container for which all required markings must be placed together to comply with this regulation.
"Well formed" means having the normal shape characteristic of the variety, except that the shape may be slightly irregular provided it does not more than slightly detract from the appearance of the apple.
"Worm hole" means a puncture or hole caused by an insect that is one-eighth inch or more in depth.
"WSDA" means the Washington state department of agriculture and its director.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 15.17.030, [15.17.]050, [15.17.]060, and chapter 34.05 RCW. WSR 17-03-002, § 16-403-014, filed 1/4/17, effective 2/4/17.]
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