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PDFWAC 16-322-045

Identification and movement of mint rootstock.

(1) The department will issue a certificate for mint planting stock that meets the requirements of this chapter and will authorize the use of official certificates and seals for the identification of such planting stock. The certificate will indicate presence of noxious weeds at the final field inspection and the level of infection by pests listed in WAC 16-322-025(1).
(2) Any person selling certified mint planting stock is responsible for the identity of the planting stock bearing each certificate and for such planting stock meeting the requirements of the certification program. Persons issued certificates authorized by the program must account for all planting stock produced and sold and must keep and allow the department to examine all necessary records.
(3) All registered and certified mint planting stock moving from the place of origin must be conveyed in clean trucks and covered by new plastic or clean canvas tarps and properly sealed.
(4) The department will deny certification for any mint planting stock that fails to meet the minimum standards, tolerances and criteria established in this chapter.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 15.14 RCW. WSR 00-23-095, § 16-322-045, filed 11/21/00, effective 12/22/00; WSR 85-15-017 (Order 1865), § 16-322-045, filed 7/8/85; Order 1087, § 16-322-045, filed 4/24/68, effective 5/24/68; Order 1017, Regulation 7, filed 5/20/66; Order 952, Regulation 7, filed 7/17/64; Emergency Order 949, filed 5/18/64; Subsection (1) from Order 888, Regulation 7, filed 6/4/62.]
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