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PDFWAC 16-305-070

Industrial hemp processor and marketer license.

(1) A person shall obtain an industrial hemp processor and marketer license prior to obtaining industrial hemp for processing or marketing purposes.
(2) The department may inspect and sample and must have unrestricted access to all industrial hemp plants, parts, grain, seeds and products within a registered land area, and all documents and records pertaining to the licensee's industrial hemp business. A person's domicile, home or residence may not be used as a processing area.
(3) An inspection of a licensee's facilities may be conducted at least once by the department during a license period. The inspection activities may include:
(a) An inspection of the licensee's facilities, including any processing and storage areas;
(b) An inspection of all industrial hemp in the possession of the licensee;
(c) Sampling of industrial hemp for testing;
(d) An inspection of any industrial hemp products being produced under the license; and
(e) An inspection of any records and reports pertaining to the licensee's industrial hemp business.
(4) Any licensee that wishes to change the registered land area(s) after issuance of the license must submit to the department for approval an updated legal description, global positioning system location, and map specifying the proposed changes to registered land area(s), pay fees and obtain the department's approval documented as an amendment to the license. The department may deny the requested change for good cause. The fee to change the registered land area(s) after issuance of the license is two hundred dollars.
(5) A processor and marketer must obtain industrial hemp from a licensed Washington grower or from legally imported sources of industrial hemp. Each licensee must obtain a copy of the grower's license and fit for commerce certificate (WAC 16-305-130) from any licensed Washington grower with whom the processor and marketer conducts business before processing or marketing the industrial hemp.
(6) It is the duty of any processor to devitalize any industrial hemp seed received.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 15.120.030 and chapter 34.05 RCW. WSR 17-09-034, ยง 16-305-070, filed 4/13/17, effective 5/14/17.]
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