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PDFWAC 16-303-020

Schedule of chargesBilling policies and procedures.

(1) Accounts.
(a) All billable services provided for under chapter 15.49 RCW are due and payable upon billing by the department. For the convenience of established accounts and in accord with good business practices, the department provides a monthly billing service. Accounts not paid in full within 30 days of billing are considered delinquent.
(b) All delinquent accounts are assessed a late charge equal to two percent per month, or portion of a month, on the unpaid balance.
(c) Except for established accounts where there is a reasonable expectation of additional charges during a calendar month, the minimum billable amount through the monthly billing system is $20. All billable services of less than $20 are due and payable on the date that service is rendered.
(d) No person with an account 90 days or more in arrears may receive service except on the basis of payment in full at the time service is rendered. Accounts in arrears may be subject to legal action for collection and are not restored to monthly billing status until all past due amounts are paid-in-full.
(e) Accounts that become 90 or more days in arrears twice within a five-year period may be subject to a permanent requirement for payment in full at the time service is provided.
(2) Unless otherwise provided for in rule, requests for refund fees or assessments must be submitted to the department by June 30th of the year following payment of the fee or assessment.
(3) Fees for services not listed in rule are set on the basis of the actual cost to the department of agriculture, or the most appropriate fee established by rule.
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