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PDFWAC 16-250-012

Label format.

(1) The department adopts 21 C.F.R. Part 501 - Animal food labeling.
(2) Commercial feed, other than customer-formula feed, shall bear the information prescribed in this section on the label of the product and in the following format:
(a) Product name and brand name, if any, as specified in WAC 16-250-014(1).
(b) If a drug is used, label as specified in WAC 16-250-014(4).
(c) Purpose statement as specified in WAC 16-250-014(5).
(d) Guaranteed analysis as specified in WAC 16-250-014(6) and 16-250-036.
(e) Feed ingredients as specified in WAC 16-250-014(7) and 16-250-064.
(f) Directions for use and precautionary statements as specified in WAC 16-250-014(8).
(g) Name and principal mailing address of manufacturer or persons responsible for distributing the feed as specified in WAC 16-250-014(9).
(h) Quantity statement as specified in WAC 16-250-014(10).
(3)(a) The information as required in (2)(a),(b),(c) and (h) of this section must appear in its entirety on the principal display panel.
(b) The information as required in (2)(d),(e),(f) and (g) of this section shall be displayed in a prominent place on the feed tag or label, but not necessarily on the principal display panel. When a precautionary statement required by WAC 16-250-078 does not appear on the principal display panel, it must be referenced on the principal display panel with a statement such as "See back of label for precautions."
(4) None of the information required in this section shall be subordinated or obscured by other statements or designs.
(5) Customer-formula feed shall be accompanied with the information prescribed in this chapter using labels, invoice, delivery ticket, or other shipping document bearing the following information:
(a) The name and address of the manufacturer;
(b) The name and address of the purchaser;
(c) The date of sale or delivery;
(d) The customer-formula feed name and brand name, if any; and
(e) The product name and net quantity of each commercial feed and each other ingredient used in the customer-formula feed must be on file at the plant producing the product. These records do not have to be delivered with the customer-formula feed, but they must be:
(i) Kept on file for at least one year after the date of the last distribution;
(ii) Available to the purchaser, the dealer making the distribution, and the department on request; and
(iii) Meet the ingredient statement requirements in WAC 16-252-064.
(f) The direction for use and precautionary statements as required in WAC 16-250-078 and 16-250-082(1);
(g) If a drug containing product is used:
(i) The purpose of the medication (claim statement);
(ii) The established name of each active drug ingredient and the level of each drug used in the final mixture expressed in accordance with WAC 16-250-036(4); and
(h) The quantity statement.
(6) There are no label format requirements for customer-formula feed. However, a label, invoice, delivery ticket or other shipping document containing all of the information required in WAC 16-250-012(5) must:
(a) Accompany all deliveries of bulk or packaged customer-formula feed; and
(b) Be given to the purchaser; or
(c) If the purchaser is not present when the customer-formula feed is delivered, the label, invoice, delivery ticket or other shipping document may be left with the delivered feed in a place predetermined by the purchaser.
(7) All commercial feed must be labeled with a lot identifier sufficient to allow the manufacturer to accurately trace the complete manufacturing and distribution history of the product, but the lot identifier may be separate from the label information required in WAC 16-250-014.
(8) Labels must state all required label information in English. Commercial feed may be additionally labeled in other languages if the other language labels provide the same information as the English version of the label.
(9) No printed or written material (for example, pictures of animals or birds) of any kind that is misleading, incorrect, or at variance in any respect with the information required on the label may be attached to, appear on, or distributed with commercial feed.
(10) No label may contain statements referring to a competitive product or comparing the properties of a packaged feed to those of a competitive product unless the label specifically identifies the competitive product.
(11) No label may contain negative statements about a competitive product unless the director determines that such information is beneficial to the product's purchaser.
(12) The term "organic" may not appear on labels or shipping documents of any commercial feed unless the feed was produced under conditions that comply with the National Organic Standard for the production and handling of organic crops, livestock and processed food products. The National Organic Standard may be obtained from the department, or on the internet at
[Statutory Authority: RCW 15.53.9012, 15.53.9013, 15.53.9016, and chapter 34.05 RCW. WSR 18-21-191, ยง 16-250-012, filed 10/24/18, effective 11/24/18.]
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