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PDFWAC 16-19-310

Proof of ownership of uninspected carcasses or parts of carcasses.

(1) The operator of any custom meat facility must have in his or her possession certificates of permit as provided by chapter 16-620 WAC (Brand Inspection) or other satisfactory proof of ownership of all uninspected carcasses or parts of carcasses received in his or her establishment. Such proof of ownership must be kept on file for six months after receipt of such carcass or part of carcass.
(2) While in possession of the operator all uninspected cattle carcasses or parts of carcasses must be identified by a department-approved tagging device describing the name and address of the owner, name and address of the slaughterer, if not the owner, the slaughter date and brand, if the animal was branded, while in the possession of the operator. Such identification must conform to the requirements of chapter 16.57 RCW (Livestock identification).
(3) All uninspected meat food animal carcasses or parts of carcasses other than cattle must be identified on a tag available from the department as to name and address of owner, name and address of the slaughterer if different from the owner, and the slaughter date while in possession of the operator.
(4) The operator must give each owner of uninspected carcasses, parts of carcasses, or meat food products delivered to a custom meat facility for preparation a written record stating the gross weight received for preparation. The operator must maintain a duplicate copy of this record at his or her principal place of business for six months.
(5) Operators making sales of prepackaged inspected meat to other than household users must maintain written records of all such transactions, including the buyer, type of product sold and total net weight of each exchange.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 16.49.680. WSR 99-12-021, ยง 16-19-310, filed 5/24/99, effective 6/24/99.]
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