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PDFWAC 16-19-300

Additional requirements for sanitary operations of custom meat facilities.

(1) Refrigerated facilities.
(a) Adequate refrigerated facilities must be provided for the chilling and storage of products. Carcass chill coolers and holding coolers must have mechanical refrigeration capable of maintaining a temperature of 35°F or lower, when loaded to capacity. When overhead refrigerating facilities are provided, insulated drip pans must be installed beneath them and the pans properly connected to the drainage system or to other suitable facilities. If wall coils are installed, a drip gutter of impervious material and connected with the drainage system must be installed beneath the coils. The clearance between a hanging carcass and the floor must be sufficient to avoid contact with or contamination from the floor.
(b) Meat food product storage and display facilities must not be loaded to exceed their intended capacity and must maintain fresh and cured products stored in them below 45°F internal temperature and frozen meat food products below 0°F internal temperature.
(i) Such refrigeration facilities must be equipped with a visible, accurate thermometer located in the warmest part of the refrigerated area.
(ii) Uninspected meat food products must not be stored in display cases used for displaying inspected meat held for sale.
(2) Clean and sanitary operations and procedures. Operations and procedures involving the preparation, storing or handling of any meat must be strictly in accord with clean and sanitary methods.
(a) Receptacles used for inedible meat in rooms where edible products are handled must be in good repair and be properly sanitized before usage.
(b) Carcasses or parts of carcasses of uninspected meat not returned to their owner must be properly denatured and properly disposed of. Inspected carcasses or parts of carcasses not intended for human consumption shall be denatured before disposal.
(c) Coolers must not be loaded beyond their capacity to properly chill the carcasses and edible offal. Maximum cooler capacity for carcass chilling and holding purposes is based on available rail space in the coolers. Sufficient space must be provided so that carcasses do not touch.
(3) Employee health. Every person employed in a custom meat facility who may contribute to the transmission of infectious disease through the nature of the employee’s contact with meat or equipment and facilities is encouraged to obtain and place on file with the operator, a food and beverage service worker’s permit as prescribed by chapter 69.06 RCW.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 16.49.680. WSR 99-12-021, § 16-19-300, filed 5/24/99, effective 6/24/99.]
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