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PDFWAC 16-170-175

Requirements for the chilling and storing of slaughtered poultry.

(1) All slaughtered poultry must be chilled to a temperature at or below forty-five degrees Fahrenheit within four hours of slaughter unless the customer takes possession of the slaughtered poultry during this time.
(2) Chilling poultry may be accomplished through the use of mechanical refrigeration, an ice chest using ice from an approved source (see WAC 16-170-155), or by being immersed in cold running water.
(3) A temperature control (TC) must be used to monitor slaughter cool down temperature by inserting a calibrated thermometer into the thickest portion of the first slaughtered poultry carcass and monitoring the temperature to ensure proper chilling at or below forty-five degrees Fahrenheit within four hours of slaughter.
(4)(a) Slaughtered poultry can be stored for up to forty-eight hours before they are sold.
(b) During their storage period, poultry carcass temperatures must be kept at or less than forty-five degrees Fahrenheit by mechanical refrigeration equipped with a thermometer or by maintaining the carcasses in a properly designed storage container with the use of a temperature control (TC) as outlined in subsection (3) of this section.
(5) All chilled and/or stored poultry carcasses must be protected from physical, chemical, microbial contamination and deterioration.
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