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PDFWAC 142-40-050

Other business meals.

(1) The commission shall pay for or reimburse employees for meals, coffee, and light refreshments for certain meetings, industry activities, and training regardless of travel status when:
(a) The purpose of the meeting is to conduct official commission business or provide training to employees or board members;
(b) The meals are an integral part of the meeting, conference, convention, or training session and separating the meeting from the meal would be otherwise disruptive to commission business;
(c) The meeting or training session takes place away from the employee's or official's regular workplace ("regular workplace" excludes meeting and conference rooms); and
(d) The agency obtains an itemized receipt for the actual costs of the meals with meetings.
(2) Meals will be reimbursed at actual cost incurred. Meetings to be incurred under this section include those in which attendance is advantageous in achieving the goals of the commission including, but not limited to: Strategic planning meetings, employee review and evaluation meetings, board meetings, continuing education and professional development training sessions, information and research meetings, events or conferences.
(3) To be eligible for reimbursement, employees must submit the following to their direct supervisor on their expense reimbursement request: Itemized receipt, name(s) of the organization or persons attending the meeting, and the purpose or accomplishments expected.
(4) Consistent with SAAM 70.15.10, recurring meals with meetings may receive one-time approval annually. To be eligible for reimbursement, the expense must fall within the preapproved budget and definition for recurring meals with meetings for the year, itemized receipts must be provided, and the meeting attendees must be identified.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 15.44.038, 15.44.060, and chapter 34.05 RCW. WSR 20-13-026, ยง 142-40-050, filed 6/9/20, effective 7/10/20.]
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