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PDFWAC 138-10-030


Office of the corrections ombuds shall:
(1) Establish priorities for use of the limited resources available to the ombuds;
(2) Maintain a statewide toll-free telephone number, a collect telephone number, a website, and a mailing address for the receipt of complaints and inquiries;
(3) Provide information, as appropriate, to incarcerated individuals, family members, representatives of incarcerated individuals, department employees, and others regarding the rights of incarcerated individuals;
(4) Provide technical assistance to support incarcerated individual participation in self-advocacy;
(5) Monitor department compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules, regulations, and policies as related to the health, safety, welfare, and rehabilitation of incarcerated individuals;
(6) Monitor and participate in legislative and policy developments affecting correctional facilities;
(7) Establish a statewide uniform reporting system to collect and analyze data related to complaints received by the ombuds regarding the department;
(8) Establish procedures to receive, investigate, and resolve complaints;
(9) Establish procedures to gather stakeholder input into the ombuds' activities and priorities, which must include, at a minimum, quarterly public meetings;
(10) Submit annually to the governor's office, the legislature, and the statewide family council, by November 1st of each year, a report that includes, at a minimum, the following information:
(a) The budget and expenditures of the ombuds;
(b) The number of complaints received and resolved by the ombuds;
(c) A description of significant systemic or individual investigations or outcomes achieved by the ombuds during the prior year;
(d) Any outstanding or unresolved concerns or recommendations of the ombuds; and
(e) Input and comments from stakeholders, including the statewide family council, regarding the ombuds' activities during the prior year.
(11) Adopt and comply with rules, policies, and procedures necessary to implement this chapter.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.06C.040 (1)(k), and (2)(c), and 43.06C.060(2). WSR 21-18-049, ยง 138-10-030, filed 8/25/21, effective 9/25/21.]
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