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PDFWAC 137-28-280

Temporary prehearing placement.

(1) An offender may be temporarily confined to his/her cell or placed in more restrictive housing, such as segregation, when it is reasonably believed that the offender presents a security risk, a risk of escape, or a danger to himself/herself or to others, or is in danger from others.
(2) Segregation placement decisions must be approved by the superintendent within three business days of the confinement.
(a) Placement may not be for more than three business days, unless either the offender or the facility requires additional time to prepare for the disciplinary hearing, or there is an administrative segregation hearing.
(b) If found guilty of the infraction and sanctioned to segregation, the offender shall receive credit against the sanction for time already served in segregation for that violation.
(3) An offender confined to his/her cell or placed in more restrictive housing shall be afforded reasonable opportunities to prepare a defense to the charges against him/her.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 72.01.090, 72.65.100, and 72.09.130. WSR 15-20-011, § 137-28-280, filed 9/24/15, effective 1/8/16; WSR 09-01-195, § 137-28-280, filed 12/24/08, effective 1/24/09. WSR 95-15-044, § 137-28-280, filed 7/13/95, effective 8/15/95.]
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