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PDFWAC 137-104-030

Hearing officers.

(1) Hearing officers will report to and be supervised by the hearings administrator, and will report through a chain of command separate from that of community corrections or prisons divisions.
(2) Hearing officers may not hear a case in which they have direct personal involvement in the incident under consideration and must formally disqualify themselves by notifying the hearings administrator/designee. The hearings administrator/designee will select a replacement hearing officer.
(3) Hearing officers shall disqualify themselves if they believe that they cannot render a fair judgment in the hearing. The hearings administrator/designee may change the hearing officer assigned to hear a case upon a request from an offender and a showing of good cause.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 72.01.090. WSR 19-19-044, § 137-104-030, filed 9/12/19, effective 10/13/19. WSR 07-08-082, § 137-104-030, filed 4/2/07, effective 5/3/07. WSR 01-04-044, § 137-104-030, filed 2/1/01, effective 3/1/01.]
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