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PDFWAC 136-40-020


Each utility policy shall, at a minimum:
(1) Address all public and private utilities and other transmission or transport facilities which are installed, replaced, adjusted, relocated and/or maintained within the county road right of way pursuant to franchises, permits, and/or exemptions from the permit process including but not limited to electric power, telephone, television, telegraph, communication, water, gas, all petroleum products, steam, chemicals, sewage, drainage, and irrigation;
(2) Include general standards and requirements for the location, design, and construction of each utility;
(3) Incorporate a written permit process for all utility work not exempted by the provisions of the utility policy, and specify exemptions from such permit process, if any;
(4) Include specific requirements for underground utilities which shall include location and alignment, depth of burial and cover, encasement, marking, appurtenances and related installation procedures;
(5) Include specific requirements for above ground utilities which shall include location and alignment and vertical clearances;
(6) Include specific requirements for all utilities which shall include aesthetic/scenic considerations, installations on roadway bridges and structures, site restoration and cleanup, traffic control and public safety, and both normal and emergency repairs.
The county road administration board shall, upon request, provide any county a copy of a model utility policy. The model utility policy will meet the minimum requirements of this chapter and may be amended as necessary to meet the specific needs of a county.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 36.78.070. WSR 90-22-081 (Order 80), § 136-40-020, filed 11/6/90, effective 12/7/90; Order 18, § 136-40-020, filed 7/22/71.]
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