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PDFWAC 136-18-064

Preconstruction publication requirements.

The preconstruction publication required by RCW 36.77.070 may be made at any time subsequent to the adoption of the annual road construction program by the county legislative authority, but no later than the commencement of construction by county forces on the project or projects. The publication shall include a brief description of each project and the county engineer's estimate of each project cost showing right of way acquisition, preliminary engineering, contract work (if any) and work by construction by county forces.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 36.78 RCW. WSR 09-23-044, § 136-18-064, filed 11/9/09, effective 12/10/09; WSR 85-11-054 (Order 59), § 136-18-064, filed 5/17/85.]
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