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PDFWAC 136-15-040

Program listings of specific projects.

This listing shall include projects having an estimated cost approximately equal to the anticipated revenues for projects during the program period, clearly identifying those projects (1) for which funding is reasonably assured; (2) for which funds are not specifically assured but are within expected levels of existing programs for the applicable year; and (3), if desired, those which are unfunded within currently anticipated resources. Because of the possibility of unforeseen future circumstances at the time of approval of the six-year program, the above construction funding classification for any project shall not be considered final, but only an indication of the relative certainty of the various proposed projects.
Minimum required information for each project: Road log number, beginning and ending mile post limits, project length, federal functional classification, freight and goods classification, project name, project description or type, estimated cost and proposed/secured funding sources, and funding status.
It is recommended that provision be made in the program for one or more generic projects each year for improvements such as miscellaneous safety projects, new culvert and small bridge construction and other minor improvements.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 36.78 RCW. WSR 22-03-084, § 136-15-040, filed 1/18/22, effective 2/18/22; WSR 88-16-017 (Order 68), § 136-15-040, filed 7/25/88.]
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